Servicios de Distribución de Software

Managing software on ATMs is becoming more complex. NCR Software Distribution Services remotely delivers software updates to your ATMs. We offer a variety of subscriptions to aid in the management of software updates:

Disco Duro

Windows Security Update Management

  • Application Update Management (Edge/AANDC/Activate)
  • Campaign Management
  • Secure BIOS Update Management

Industry compliance and risk audits require that the latest software security updates are installed regularly across your base to help protect against malicious intent. Microsoft™ regularly releases updates to patch security vulnerabilities that firewalls and anti-virus might not protect. Understanding which updates are needed to mitigate the risk of fraudulent activity and demonstrate compliance to auditors can be a lengthy and expensive process.

NCR Software Distribution Services provide a cost-effective way to identify, distribute and install appropriate updates on your ATMs, and provide documentation to support your compliance audit. We work with you to schedule updates and deploy security patches with minimal interruption to ATM availability.

NCR’s Software Distribution services provides the following key benefits:

  • Critical defense against operating system vulnerabilities that firewalls and anti-virus might not protect.
  • Simplified update management with NCR domain expertise, secure infrastructure, tools and procedures.
  • Audit reports to aid in compliance.

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