NCR’s Secure BIOS Management service provides a first layer of protection against unauthorized booting and access to ATM hard disk. This service remotely locks down the Basic Input Output System (BIOS) firmware on the ATM by applying a password and disabling booting from external devices.

Administración Segura de Equipos de Datos

This service also periodically refreshes the BIOS password to ensure it remains secure. NCRs remote push enables no touch password implementation and maintenance, saving time and effort of your existing IT staff. It also provides significant cost savings over manual tech updates, preventing risk of errors and sharing of passwords.

NCR’s Secure BIOS Management service provides the following key benefits:

  • Secures BIOS with a password and updates it periodically
  • Remote technology enables no-touch password implementation and maintenance
  • Prevents booting from external device, a critical defense
  • Significant cost savings vs on-site BIOS lock down by a technician
  • Prevents manual errors and sharing of passwords